Recommended: Top Footwear Supplier in China

Today we'll introduce a leading footwear supplier in China to you.

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Hoson Import & Export Co., Ltd.
Location: Jiangbei District, Ningbo City
Products: Footwear of women, men and kids
Highlights: The three production lines enable Hoson to realize the one-stop operation from the raw material purchase, actual shoe-making to the inspection and packaging.

Hoson Import & Export Co., Ltd. was established in 2011. With 6 years of experience in the export business, its current main products are footwear of women, men and kids, including women’s high-heels and boots, men’s leather and casual shoes, and kids’ boots etc.

The company has a professional design and R&D team to meet the client’s every demand, including material, size, color and design, etc., and print his logo on the footwear to build his own brand. Currently, the company mainly exports the footwear to Europe & America, Southeast Asia and Africa, etc.

Speaking of the original intention of founding this company, Manager Sherry Song said, “Beautiful, quality and comfortable shoes can bring people a sense of satisfaction and comfort, thus fashion and comfort are indispensable to a pair of good shoes.”

Manager Song has heard of the Electronic Global Trade Credit Platform (eGTCP.com) two years ago and Hoson Import & Export Co., Ltd. joined eGTCP.com officially this year in July. “We have attended the 3rd GTCC in September and we have learned and trusted more of the Platform.” said Manager Sherry Song.

Foreign Trade Manager: Ms.Sherry Song

Manager Song was also very optimistic about the future cooperation, “The Platform can help us match orders online and offline, and also offer us the buyer credit investigation to ensure safe orders. We’re looking forward to more buyer and order resources from the Platform” added Manager Sherry Song.

Official site: http://hosonshoes.en.egtcp.com/

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Recommended: Top Hary Supply Chain Company in China

Today we'll introduce a leading supply chain company in China to you.

Company Profile


Highlights: Strive to build a professional forwarding agency system based on modern technology and blaze a new business mode -- credit + logistics network + platform.

Zhejiang Hary Supply Chain Co., Ltd. was awarded the eGTCP Best Credit Service Provider on the 3rd GTCC for its professional and humanized services and positive client feedback and trust.

Zhejiang Hary Supply Chain Co., Ltd. has its own mature operation & business development teams and forms its own feature routes -- Japan & South Korea, Middle East, India & Pakistan, Southeast Asia and other long voyage routes. It has innovated over 20 supply chain management services and forged a global agency network in over 40 countries and regions.

The logistics industry has reached a phase of stagnation after years of development. “In the information era, the freight rates are becoming more and more transparent with much smaller room for profit. How do we attract clients? What featured services can we offer? These are the questions that we forwarders need to ponder.” said General Manager Chen.

Zhejiang Hary Supply Chain Co., Ltd. joined eGTCP.com in August last year after the introduction of friends. “We have gained a lot since joining the Platform more than one year ago. The Platform links the buyers, suppliers and service providers to make the global supply chain more smooth and make the clients feel vividly that as long as you have credit, your trade will be a smooth one.” added General Manager Chen.

General Manager Chen was very much looking forward to the future cooperation and said, “eGTCP.com has many innovative services. I believe that as long as we follow the Platform, we will attract more clients and offer more featured services to them.”

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9 essentials in wardrobe for your business

Every morning, you stand in front of a mirror, thinking of the right suits for job today. You may have one or two sets of clothes for work, but you can't guarantee every day well dressed.

In order to execute a stylish and professional look every day at your new job, you're going to need suits, shirts, ties, shoes, dress socks, a watch, and a bag suitable for the office. If you don't have the slightest clue on where to begin, you're in luck. 

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We put together a list of all the new job wardrobe essentials you need to get started off on the right foot. That way, you'll have all the time you need to focus on the job instead of what you're going to wear.

A navy suit
A navy suit is one of the most important colors to own when building a wardrobe of formal clothes. It's appropriate for almost any event, and you'll be able to pair it with many shirt and tie combinations.

A charcoal gray suit
Dark gray is the second most important color to own, especially if you're limited to only a few suits. As with navy suits, you'll be able to wear it with a lot of shirt and tie combinations. 

A rotation of dress shirts
Having the right dress shirt is absolutely the key to any great outfit. No matter how dressed up or casual your look is, you'll be wearing a shirt. Whether you're wearing a full suit and tie or just a simple pair of pants, your shirt is equally important, as it is the staple piece.
To get started, you'll need shirts in white, blue, striped, checked or plaid, and a contrasting collar. 

A couple pairs of dress pants
Sometimes a full suit isn't necessary. If a shirt and tie will get the job done, then you'll need a good pair of dress pants to go along with it.  And it comes in three colors that will fit well into your wardrobe — light brown, medium gray, and navy.

A blazer or sport coat
You just put on your shirt and tie for work, but it's a bit cold outside. Instead of ruining your professional look with a fleece or windbreaker, a blazer or sport coat is the best way to maintain your in-office style.

A rotation of ties
If you work in a profession that requires you to wear business or dress attire every day, it goes without saying that you need to own a decent amount of neckties. Choosing the right ones to add to your wardrobe can be an endless process, because there are simply so many options available and you can't buy them all. Luckily, eGTCP.com offers every kind of tie you need for a well-rounded wardrobe, buying multiples of your favorites from eGTCP is still cheaper than a single tie from most brands.

Several pairs of dress shoes
When it comes to dressing professionally, you technically could wear the same shoes every day, but that's just as boring as wearing the same old blue button-down and khakis every day. Also, it's simply not stylish. Different seasons or occasions call for different shoes. Whether it be a classic penny loafer, black oxfords, or a pair of fall boots, you'll find it here.

Solid color dress socks
eGTCP’s.socks are some of the best socks you've ever worn. Unlike most pairs, each sock is specific to the left or right foot. They're designed for absolute comfort while being the perfect style of formal dress socks. Oh, and they're fortified with coffee to absorb odors to keep you fresh all day long.

A versatile watch
If there's one accessory every man needs to own, it's a wristwatch. The right watch should be functional and attractive — a piece that adds to the wearer's style. Whether your watch style is minimal or more complex, you can find the right timepiece on any budget at eGTCP.com.

Welcome to visit www.egtcp.com for more business suits or other products. 

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Beef exporters find their niche in China

There are reports saying that China beef market has been in short supply, as more and more people began to pursue a higher level of dietary requirements.
By the end of September, US beef exports to China reached about a thousand metric tons for a total of $12.5 million since the export ban was lifted in May, according to the US Meat Export Federation.
The country potentially represents a $2.6 billion market for US beef products, leaving US exports a lot of room for growth.
Industry experts, however, attribute the slow growth to two major factors: short supply and hefty prices.
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Beef exported to China must meet stringent requirements, including no growth hormones. Currently, supplies meeting those requirements are rather small, and raising cattle that meet those standards takes about two years starting with a calf, said Pete Bonds, a rancher in Saginaw, Texas, and a past-president of the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association.
Bonds said that while it takes time to develop China-specific beef products, meeting the Chinese requirement also increases costs.
"We hoped to be able to export a lot of beef to China's middle class, but by not using growth hormones the price will be prohibitive. Currently most US beef is sold only in major cities like Shanghai and Beijing," Bonds said.
USDA Prime rib eye sells for nearly $60 a pound in Shanghai, according to media reports.
"It's more a luxury item in China, instead of being a daily protein source for the Chinese," said Bonds.
However, Chinese are quite partial to US beef due to its remarkable marble cut.
"The rest of the world produces grass (fed) beef, we have the luxury of feeding cattle with corn for 150-180 days to produce marbled beef. US beef is juicier, more tender and more delicious," said Bonds.
He said recent studies show that marble fat is healthier than fat from other part of the cattle, akin to olive oil.
S&S AgriSource, a Houston based company exporting beef to China, is testing the market. It has been exporting beef from South America to China and is utilizing its available distribution network to gain a market share for US beef.
"We do see high enthusiasm for US beef from China, many are interested," said Jane Shi, a purchasing specialist at S&S AgriSource. "We have quoted prices to distributors in China. Due to the high price, they haven't made up their mind to issue the order yet, but we are close to making some deals."
Shi said compared to the beef the company exports to China from South America, US beef is three to four times more expensive.
"US beef is delicious but how many are willing to pay the price? We have to find out," said Shi.
With China's large size, the potential is irresistible despite the hefty price. S&S AgriSource has partnered with a Texas farm to raise a few head of cattle meeting China's requirement. They want to be ready when the market blooms.
Bonds runs several thousand calves in the China program on his ranch. When feedyards buy calves from him, they have the option of choosing to stay in the China program or not.
While many local ranchers are still waiting to see how the China market will develop, Bonds does see more and more people going along with the China program.

Although most of the Chinese people prefer American beef, perhaps in the near future, we will also be satisfied with the Chinese made beef.
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